Today’s Fashion For Kids

Since I became a mother, buying baby clothes has become of my weaknesses. Whenever I see these baby clothes scattered around the mall, I can’t help but to buy them. Knowing that my 2 year old daughter is no longer a baby. I buy them for my cousin’s son – the newest addition to our family.

How could you even resist them? They are so cute, tiny and… fashionable enough to follow the trend. Compared to what dresses we had back then? Whew! They far better I guess. Nowadays, you’ll find a cutie long blouse paired with a leggings that could go with a pair of flip flops. How’s that when worn by a teeny weeny little girl? Cute eh?

Whenever I remember my childhood’s fad and fashion, I would end up laughing like the smiley in yahoo messenger rolling on the floor. Just a comparison… For me they are so old-fashioned. Though some were totally cute and fancy, I still find some of my wardrobe very very out of the world sort of cut thing. My mom would aways buy me a dress, matched with a pair of stockings depending on the color of the dress that I’m going to wear for that particular day, plus a pair of trinkets, again matching with the colors of the previous stuff I just mentioned, and a set of bangles and a piece of bag. Um… well.. maybe… those days those stuff were fashionable and “in” enough. I don’t think I’d let my daughter wear those kind of dresses, unless…. it’s in fashion hahaha!

Anyway, just yesterday I found this dress, a very traditional old fashioned dress but the colors look so modern that really suits the summer season. I’m thinking of buying one but I’m afraid more of these will come in the market soon. We’ll see….

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