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Tomato’s Arm Candies

I had been eyeing on Tomato’s arm candies for months now but I feel they were too expensive for me until they had a holiday sale last month. Luckily, I got what I wanted and able to pick two more items as a gift.

Spicy Bangle Set

This Spicy Bangle set was on sale at Php200 only. Since my orders totaled more than Php500, I didn’t have to pay for the shipping fee. I got my orders two days earlier than the promised delivery date but I was a bit disappointed not to find the items complete. The necklace that I was supposed to give to a friend was missing. I immediately emailed their customer service hoping someone would reply. It was on January 2 so I didn’t expect much!

That same afternoon I received a call saying that my email concern has been attended to and that they will send the item but they told me to bear with them as they were not sure if there are more stocks left. In case there was, they’d deliver it right away and expect for its arrival 2-3 days later. Surprisingly, my friend received it ahead of time.

Great customer service indeed! I’d definitely order from them again! I’d say I made a good choice when I prioritized buying from Tomato than of getting cheap bundle cigars as a gift.

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