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Touching People’s Hearts

By sharing your thoughts and stories, unknowingly, we are sometimes touching people’s hearts. And when you hear positive comments on how well you had carried your loads, they just become your inspiration… that no matter how heavy it’ll come, you know you can do it!

Yesterday, I have posted a story. A part of how I struggled in life with my own father… My purpose was just to blog about it, but…. I touched someone’s heart! She commented “Nakakainis ka pinaiyak mo ko…kaya heto ang para sa yo…” She made a poem for me… And it’s the first time that someone actually made one for me… Now I’m touched… Thanks for including me in your 365 days of poegging! God bless!

Here it goes…

by C5 of 365 Days of Poem Blogging

My townmate shared a story,
Showing her father’s glory;
Father’s Day will soon be,
Her story brought out tears in me.

Tears of joy and happiness,
The fulfillment of one’s success;
Amidst troubles and sacrifices,
Love abounding, hearts caress.

In his time when kids were much younger,
He went abroad to solve the hunger;
But when the wheel of life rolled and he got under,
His elder child was blessed to share her shoulder.

It took some years before she came home,
When finances allowed, 30 days she got to roam;
It was so short, time to leave for work again,
When she will be back, only time will tell when.

Marketing Manager at Adventures Beyond Group | WAHM | Ex-OFW | Music Enthusiast | Cactus and Succulent Hobbyist | Hello Kitty Lover | A 42 y/o mom of two lovely girls sharing her adventures as she walks through motherhood and having to do most things on her own while her Indian national husband works miles away from home.


  • Arlene

    nice poem and it speaks nicely of you. C5 writes so well.

    tnx for dropping by my page. na add na kita dun kahit di ako nagpaalam s’yo. jst wnt u to know am always your fan and friend. whatever you write about is inspiring — brings a smile to my face or wells up my eyes. =)


  • Mitchteryosa

    @ Arlene : Magaling kamo si C5. We were just chatting yesterday. Kaya pala tinanong nya ako kung saang bansa ako and some other details, akala ko chika chika lang, yun pala she was making that poem, ambilis!


  • ScroochChronicles

    It’s a very nice poem and written by someone who truly knows you and cares for you. Sana one day ako rin gawin nya subject 🙂


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