Toy Hunt #1 : Toy That Sings

This Barney Plush Doll is turning a year old on November 21. I bought this online through Amazon for my daughter. She loves and adores Barney so much. I looked around the local market in Bahrain but Barney was nowhere to be found. So I said, let me see if I can use our office’s US address, I’ll just pay for the shipping charges. So there, I got one for her. It sings I Love You when Barney’s stomach is pressed.

This doll costs $15.99 + the $7.95 {BhD3} courier delivery fee from the US to Bahrain postal address. I find it a bit costly but it’s okay, at least I made my little one very happy the day she called it her “own”. See the photos above. Those were taken the moment I handed the Barney over to her. Priceless!

Join Toy Hunt here while I hunt for alli. Ciao!

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  1. Wow, the things we do to make our little ones happy. I bought several Barney DVD’s in the Philippines when we were there on vacation, but my son didn’t have the interest on Barney till two months ago. He loves to watch them over and over and he amazingly learned fast just from watching. However, he doesn’t care much about the stuffed toy, I guess its a boy thing 😉 Hope you get the chance to see mine here

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  2. Hi JennyL! Ako din nagtataka kasi Barney is so plain naman hehe! Naku for sure mahal yang si Dora na yan saka problema pagbitbit nyan pag aalis na naman kami. :p


  3. Nice Barney! I don’t know but barney is an all-time favorite of most kids. 🙂
    My son has that kind of Barney too and it was his first chirstmas gift… As early as 6mos he loves to hear Barney songs. Even up to now he’s 4yo already, he would ask sometimes to watch barney cds, hahaha… that’s how popular and very enticing barney is for him. LOL!


  4. Hi Aeirin! Naku alam mo ba ang ibang version ng song na yan? I hate you, you hate me, let’s go out and kill Barney, with a bang bang shot, Barney’s on the floor, no more stupid dinosaur!



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