Traveling with kids

Traveling with kids especially with a toddler could be a nightmare. Last month was kind of a different experience for the girls. It was Ishi’s first time to ride on a plane and Deye’s 10th time already. Before leaving for Polomolok, I was getting worried with the thought that what if Ishi won’t be as brave as Deye when she first traveled by plane. More than anyone else, I felt more nervous as we took off the flight. I’m glad as soon as we got to the airport, she was at her best mood. While waiting for the boarding time, both the girls decided to convert the place to a playground where both run after each other. It was tiring to look after them as they chase each other but at least enough to keep them occupied and busy. The whole time we were at the boarding gate, Deye has finally settled down with her DSi while the nanny keeps an eye on Ishi as she didn’t have the plan to stop from running around. My mom, then watches the only bag that was not checked-in in the baggage counter. I prefer to label this bag as “Survival kit” than a “Diaper bag”. So, what’s inside that bag?

  • Ishi’s nebulizer.
  • Pouch filled with the girls’ medicines (nebs, NSS, vitamins, Paracetamol, cough syrup, small pack of cotton and Betadine). I always make sure this comes handy whenever we travel regardless the distance.
  • The girls’ milk powder kept in a travel container.
  • The girls’ feeding bottles.
  • Two of those 1L water bottles. I got these last June on sale. Rubbermaid brand that does not leak.
  • Wipes.
  • Diapers.
  • Biscuits.
  • Extra clothes including sweaters.
  • Baby cologne.
  • Hand sanitizer.
  • Alcohol.
  • Small pack of tissue.
  • The girls’ favorite toy. In this case, Deye had her DSi with her while Ishi had her small leapfrog.

I wish I had included water goggles. Deye could have enjoyed playing in the pool without getting worried that her eyes will get hurt if water gets into it. Believe me, if only I could bring the whole closet with us, I would. It’s always better to have the above available than panic when you most needed it because you don’t have it.





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  1. Hi Cherry! Ay oo sis, kasi if they were not available on those dates, di ako pupunta with the kids alone. I had a very bad experience na kasi, and worst it was an international flight tapos puro delayed pa. Kaya di ko na uulitin yun haha! Que byaheng eroplano pa or bus haha!


  2. oh i imagine your situation, grabe siguro kapag ikaw lang mag-isa. good thing nalang din at na experience mo na magtravel dati with the kids, at least you’ve learn something from it.


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