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Tree Wall Decal Ideas

10570638_10152993603294307_1037620482_nI had been on the look out for the best wall decals that are easy to install but I always end up having a second thought, afraid that I might not be able to do it alone. You know, the usual dilemma that a typical housewife goes through when there is no handy man in the household.

Just recently, I took the risk of getting one. I was actually planning to get just the quotes world needs to see like the one that I am going to show off in a while. It reads “Love is likely to the wind, I can’t see it but I can feel it”. But I guess I was too lucky to get both that I wanted. Tree wall decals! 

It came like this:

Tree Wall Decals

Just by looking at it, I knew what I had and how to do it. Who would ever thought that applying these decals is as easy as 1-2-3. Trust me, you won’t even need detailed instructions on how to apply vinyl wall art stickers. Of course, being a wiser housekeeper now, I dealt with the small pieces first – in the master’s bedroom where no one else would see often just in case I messed them up.


Just peel it off one at a time and stick it on the wall. Make sure that the surface is clean and dry. Well, that’s the usual warning that I get whenever I have to deal with the walls, regardless what materials I encounter with.

Played with the leaves… butterflies… positioned them… and tada!


Here’s a closer look:


I knew I was ready with the big pieces so I went on and dealt with the ones for the living room.


No sweat! Just another DIY (literally) tree wall decals ideas! I was able to maximize the set that I got giving an accent to both the rooms where I frequent to. Right after I finished installing, I shared the same photos that I took with my husband and he was happy about the outcome, too!

A better shot:


For someone like me with a very limited budget, you can still pull it through and make your home an ideal one.

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