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Tropical storm “Maring”

Tropical storm “Maring” continued to intensify causing us damages and inconvenience. When heavy rains started to pour, we were still in the hospital as my 3 y/o daughter was admitted for almost a week due to bronchopneumonia.

At half past 1pm, we were already home from the hospital not even thinking we will be hit by floods. It’s our first time to experience rainy season in this apartment as we only moved here 6 months ago so we really didn’t know how bad it would give us. Few hours later, I started receiving text messages from my cousins who were deliberately watching the water increase at the Sta. Rita bridge, that the water level is almost overflowing. Over the years, it had been our basis when to take precautions and literally keep our stuff safe.

That moment, I was having a home service body massage to recuperate from a week fatigue caused by going back and forth to the hospital and home for my daughter. We were not even done and here’s my helper telling me that the flood water was  already reaching our gate. Only then, we started taking our stuff upstairs while we put the rest together secured enough not to literally “swim” in the flood water.

Dining Set and TV Stand

Times like these, there’s no direction where and how you keep your things. All you can do is keep them safe.

Hallway upstairs

Laundry Area


Living Room

Living Room

Master's Bedroom

Having a 3 y/o around who was just recovering from illness, and a still tired body, plus another kid to handle, with only one helper, I didn’t know how we managed to put all things upstairs. Good thing that the “Tropang Cabling” whom I have grown up with from the next street came on time for my fridge to be saved from flood.

I am not complaining ‘coz I know we are way luckier than those who have terribly been damaged by this storm. It’s just that it’s been like years since the last time I have actually encountered and experienced a flood inside the house, with kids around me. In fact, this time it’s not that worst unlike the previous ones caused by Pedring, the Habagat encounter last year, and the other one that happened in 2009 (Oh God, I’m so poor in remembering typhoon names!).

I was not able to take photos when flood was entering the house as the power already went off by that time. Just thankful that it wasn’t much, but the feeling of fear that it could go worse anytime was horrible!

Here’s hoping that Maring will finally leave the country the soonest!

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