Trusting People

I received a text message from my cousin yesterday. She’s in need of money, to pay for my niece’s tuition fee who happened to be my inaanak too! My cousin-in-law is unfortunately stuck back home since September, waiting for his new employer to process whatever documents that they needed for him to work in Saudi.

The thing is I didn’t have cash in hand as I have spent for my husband’s personal stuff when he was going. And our salary hasn’t been released yet. The only option I had at that moment was to use my PayPal money, my blog earnings. I tried sending thru Xoom but there were some glitches as I am using a different PayPal address. In short the transaction was cancelled.

Think…. think…. think….

If I have to send it through a bank account, it’ll take 5-9 days coz it has to go to my friend’s account first as I am using her PayPal account. Tsk! Complicated huh?

Think…. think…. think….

Then, I saw C5 online in YM, my online buddy for more than 6 months now. She had mentioned before that she sends her PayPal funds to Xoom. I asked her about what happened when I sent money. There she explained me why…. And later on offered me some help, she said she can send it thru her account, if I want. I gave her my cousin-in-law’s details and sent the money from my PayPal to hers. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if what I’m doing was right. Not that I don’t trust her enough, but the fact that we just met online and haven’t even met in person yet, you know what I mean… While I was sending the money to her PayPal, I just kept my fingers crossed…

To cut the story short… my cousin-in-law was able to pick up the money today.

Trust is an act of placing yourself in the vulnerable position of relying on others to treat you in a fair, open, and honest way.

Thanks C5! I really appreciate your help, otherwise my niece won’t be able to take her school exam. God bless!

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  1. hi mitch. im just blogg hopping here and chanced upon your blog. nice thing you’ve got here. though im not an ofw, i feel deeply for you guys. my dad was an ofw for as long as i can remember.

    anyways, im glad i’ve bumped into you. its nice reading your posts. btw, can i link you up? heres the link to my journal do drop by, ok?

    have a nice day!

    Thanks Abby!

    Will do…. Actually andun ako sa blog mo right now. 😉


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