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A lot of people looking to move home aren’t simply looking at the prospects of moving from one neighbourhood to the other. There are others who might be looking to get out away from it all, to live in the bliss of the countryside. However, many off-the-grid homes can come with unique challenges that might require unique solutions from you. Here are some of the ways to make sure your remote home caters to all your needs.

Get savvy about power use Living off the grid means, by necessity, living without connection to the utilities that outside homeowners might enjoy. As such, you need to set up your own supply. It’s recommended you use multiple power sources, such as a solar charging station for the home as well as a generator and backup generator. Since your supply of energy doesn’t have the reliability provided by a power company, you may also want to use it wisely and reduce waste with it where possible.

Prepare your plumbing Aside from being disconnected from the electrical grid, you’re also likely to be disconnected from the nearest plumbing. You might be able to request that they come out and connect you but you’re more likely to need to rely on septic tanks that can help you drain any liquid waste in the home. These tanks are big enough that they usually only need to be emptied by a professional once every year and resilient enough that they can last years and years without the need for much maintenance.

Make more use of rainwater Living off the grid, you can make use of a range of different water sources, with water wells being the most common of them all. However, living off the grid is about living sustainably to many and, to that end, you may not want to contribute to the use of finite natural water resources as much as the regular household. To that end, you might want to use rainwater catchment systems. Not only is it more efficient in terms of reducing your water waste, but it’s also a lot more efficient than having to lug buckets of water from a well or nearby stream.

Consider starting a garden Whether you hunt or plan on travelling to the nearest civilization to stock up on supplies, you can make sure that you’re providing yourself with a varied, nutritious diet and make it a lot easier to be more self-sustainable by starting a food garden on your own property. It can reduce your need to travel long distances to get some vegetables, as well as ensuring that you’re eating the freshest ingredients without any worries about unknown pesticides having affected them. What’s more, it can help you save big time on your grocery bills, too.

Living in an off-the-grid home is never going to be quite the same as living connected to the rest of civilization. However, for those who are counting on precisely that, the above tips can be a great help in acclimating.

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