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Tutorial: Wound Make-up best for Halloween

It’s that time of the year when I get myself ready for my girls’ participation in the Halloween Costume Contest in our village. This year, my eldest daughter belongs to the Scary Category which made me researched and practiced on how to do a wound make-up by using some of the baking ingredients I already have in the kitchen.

For the wound make-up, you will need:
Toilet paper
Sponge applicator or Small make-up brush (In this case, I used both)
Cotton buds
Fake blood
Liquid foundation that matches your skin

For the fake blood, you will need:
2 tbsp. Corn syrup
4 drops of red food coloring
1 tsp. cocoa powder

How to:

1) Apply glue on the preferred part of the skin where you want the wound to appear.
2) Stick on the pieces of toilet paper that you have. It will look better with torn edges.
3) Apply liquid foundation by dabbing it on the entire part of the tissue paper. If necessary, add more glue on it. The more wrinkled it looks, the better.


4) Apply fake blood by using cotton buds. The sticky fake blood you have, the better.


5) You can put rice grains into the wound to make it look like maggots.

Below are the photos of my daughter which bagged 2nd Place of this year’s Halloween Costume Contest, where she portrayed Zombie Nurse:

Thanks to my High School friend who managed to keep her nursing apron uniform through the years. At no cost, we survived with this costume. By the way, the nursing cap was also a DIY by yours truly.

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