1. You can save space, instead of 6 liners, magiging 4 liners dahil sa short cuts.
2. Means, you can construct more words.

1. Nagiging poor na ang “spelling” ng mga texters.
2. And this could affect grade schoolers’/beginners’ spellings.
3. At higit sa lahat, nawiwindang akong magbasa huh! Some do it to save space pero yung iba naman they do cut the words short pero nilalagyan naman ng “h”. Ay naku! I don’t get the point! Nahihilo akong magbasa lalo na yung may number 2 pag dinodoble ang syllable.

O di kaya dahil di lang ako makarelate? Dahil di ako sanay at marunong? :p Bwehehehe!

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