Uber Sa Pose ++

I taught her how to stand and project in front of the camera, but I guess it’s uber na! Hahaha! Whenever she sees me holding the cam, she would pose on her own, without telling her. I was able to capture them all this morning. Take a peek!


See credits here.

++ Whenever she farts, she’d say “atot“. Hahaha! She insisted to wear her new pair of shoes that makes a sound (like a fart). As she makes her steps, she kept on saying “atot“.

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  1. ayy ang ganda ng dress nya. I love the shade of blue here.

    as always danda pa rin sya. 🙂

    pisil pisngi deye!

    Just one of the Mumurs items lang yan. Pwera usog ha? Thanks!


  2. mabalian ng baywang yan ha hehehe.. buti pa si deye, si louna, galit na sa kin pag hawak ko na ang cam, ayaw na kong tignan, sabay sigaw ng Maman, non!.

    Naku same with Deye, bihira yang makisama tyempuhan lang kung nasa mood, ayaw ngang titingin sa camera eh. Buti nga si Louna may maganda photos na nakapose talaga, yung nasa sidebar mo.


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