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Understanding My Toddler

Deye, my 21 month-old daughter, is now on the stage where she demands and talks for whatever comes in her mind.

On demanding

Mama, bo kayi? She meant “Mama, bo carry” referring to her favorite pillow named bo as in “baho” stinking literally and figuratively. 😉

That’s what she said this morning when I asked her to get her slippers and be ready coz the babysitter will be in anytime now to take her to their house. But why would she ask for her pillow to be taken to her babysitter’s house? She was actually having his morning bottle of milk, and a peaceful milk feed won’t be done without it!

You see, with toddlers like her, there’s a morning, lunch and bedtime rituals. They don’t exactly understand what time it is. A routine makes them understand what’s exactly going on.

On talkingtoo much and interpretation

Deye tends to get uptight when I can’t understand the word she says. To help me understand each otherbetter, I tell her to repeat what I actually understood from what she just said.

Two weeks ago, I was leaning on the bed headrail when she said “si me”. I first thought “see me” but she was pushing me while saying it as if trying to tell me “get up and let me pass through”. Then, I thought “ah, maybe she meant “excuse me”. Instead of me getting up, I asked her to say “excuse me” after me. She quickly said “si me”. Gotcha!

Just right after my 2D’s came back from India, there were words that I never heard from her. Like the word “pom pom”. The night they arrived, I came to the airport to receive them. While waiting for the cab, a bus passed by. She yelled “pom pom!”. I was like “what??!!!”. Before she could look back at me, Derrick butted in to translate “she saw the bus passing by”. So she calls it pom pom? “Yeah, buses in India have that sound – pom pom!”, my husband said.

Oh? In just a week that I didn’t see her, she’s got many new words that I heard for the first time. As usual, whenever I have unanswered questions in mind, I run to Google.

And here’s what I found out:

19-24 months > May learn 7 to 12 new words a day; begins to use short sentences.

There goes another “oh?” in my mind….

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  • raqgold

    mitch, my 3 1/2 year old can already speak clearly pero yung kanyang favorite lambing word is ‘KAYI’ – same as deye, carry din ang ibig sabihin, hehehe…. you would learn new words from her, start listing them down if you want to be understood!

    Cute nga pakinggan eh “kayi” hihihi!


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