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Understanding my toddler’s language

It’s been a while since the last time I spent a long weekend with the girls alone. Yaya took her days off since Friday, and not able to come back as to what we have agreed. When this happens, I, of course have to be with them and skip work if I have to.

Ishi started talking a lot as soon as she completed her 18th month. But the fact that I am only to be found at home during the day where she’s mostly active, I always miss her newly learned words. And when she says those words, I am lost. Totally lost.

On Sunday, she was cranky. I tried to send her to bed many times but she won’t just sleep instead she would utter “‘to yish” many times and then gets up again. Last night, she said the same thing again but helped me enough to finally understand what she said as she pointed to my eyeglass “to yish” So I figured she were asking me to remove my eyeglass “ito alis”. The moment I took my eyeglasses off, she laid down quietly and closed her eyes.

Same thing happened when I was giving her bath. As we got in to the bathroom, she said “Mama, yash!!” I just ignored her but she won’t stay still so I let her go and see what she wanted. She went to the toiletries stand and took her toothbrush and toothpaste. I get it! She meant “Mama, brush!”

It’s indeed difficult to speak the same language when they still couldn’t utter the words properly. What I do is let them put it in action literally or make them repeat what I thought they meant. I did it with my eldest too and it worked well!

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