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Unusual Creative Elements To Have In A Garden

You want your garden to be a place you can spend time in when the sun comes out, and you want it to be a place you can be proud of. Making it look pretty is all well and good, but sometimes we can go the extra mile by incorporating some mundane garden features in innovative ways. Nature is spontaneously creative, so we should be as well. Here are a few ideas that can get you started on opening up a whole new world of creativity in your man made paradise.  


A Privacy Fence We think of fences in terms of enclosing space, but at the same time they can open it up as well. You can see for definite how much room there is in your garden, and also use it to build up from the ground with your plants. Fences are stable enough for the extreme wind and rain, and keep you garden for you alone! If you need more information on the benefits of privacy fences then feel free to check out sites such as the blog link above. Having something that encloses your garden in such a finite way doesn’t have to be boring and brown.

A Garden Mural This is a great way to include even the youngest people in the family in your garden plans. If you have an open patio area you can use chalk and quickly wash it away once done with via a hose, or wait for the rain, and it won’t have any negative effects on your garden due to the natural materials involved. Once again, you can use a fence and build up a mural with rocks at the bottom and handy garden ornaments to hang in the middle.

You can even hang a chair and build around that for a creative space to dwell in. Place tables either side of the seat and have garden candles artfully popped throughout the area. This will be romantic enough for late nights with a partner and a great place to nap throughout the day. It can also be a photo op area, and make good enough photos to hand over to relatives as gifts.

A Miniature Rock Feature Rock features can open up a whole new world in the garden. They can be filled with pebbles, create a pond, or be a miniature garden on their own. You can go wild when there’s a form of barrier, and you can warn any children off of fiddling with the rocks on the edge.

If you like the look of stones and their geometric styling, you can use plenty of different colored ones to add vibrance underneath a tree or bank of leaves. Installing a pond is easy and having rocks border the capsule makes it look more natural.

Whatever you feel is best for you garden usually will be. Unleash your ideas on your outdoor space and use it to extend that homey feeling you get indoors whilst being surrounded by nature.


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