Unfortunately, “honey” didn’t work for me. I got sick on Friday night and still am. My nose is leaking like a loose water tap waaaaaaah! My high pitch voice has toned down. I sound like a “ngongo” already. I have a terrible headache. I had to skip work for 2 days and I’m sure that didn’t make my boss happy. But yes, I’m back to work and blog. What can I do? This is life.

I can’t think of anything to write right now… Be back when I’m normal.

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  1. Hi Mitch!! Try 1000grams of Vitamin C. Split it. One tab in the morning and one at night. Don’t buy the coated ones, get the one labeled “Ascorbic Acid” kasi it’s more effective.


  2. how about rubbing a bit of vicks vapor rub on your sole, and then wear socks while sleeping, effective daw yan! plus, drink plenty of liquid – and keep your sense of humor — get well dear.


  3. effective nga daw, lots of friends with kids tried it already, kaso mo wala kaming vicks dito kaya i cant try it 🙁 — check out my blog for more of it — haba kasi kaya di ko mapaste sa comment page —


  4. hope you are much better now. i to had sniffles a few days ago, and was somehow feverish. i took a long long rest, and i’m a-ok now.


  5. @ Raqgold : Guess what? I tried what you said last night and parang magic, I had a good night sleep, di nagbara ang ilong ko. Pati sa baby ko ginawa ko din, di sya nagising in between. Effective!


  6. hi – am glad effective sya, need to find vicks around here, too. actually, with my kids, two tablespoons of honey per day e okay na sa kanila, depende talaga no?


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