Today, I was able to take Derelle to her new Paediatrician. Well, she’s not actually new to us. She was my Paedia too, and my brother’s, and my cousins’…

Anyway, I first went there alone yesterday to inquire about the shots that she still has to take, as I know that Bahrain Vacc Sched is quite different from Philippine Vacc Sched. Then I made an appointment at 9am today. We were there before 9 and the doctor came in at 10am. Haaaaaaay!

Dra. Castillo first checked her record and she had a hard time understanding it as it was actually written in Arabic, but there were acronyms on the other side so she followed that instead. After checking everything, she asked me if Derelle had any Chicken Pox, Flu and IPD (Invasive Pneumococcal Disease) Shots. I said no, they don’t require there unless you ask for it. And what do I know about vaccination, of course nothing.

She decided that since we are staying for good, she advised that Derelle should have Chicken Pox shot first, then we will schedule HEPA A by next month instead. She’s supposed to have that shot today if we are going to follow the previous record. Chicken Pox was P2,100 while HEPA A isP1,700. After sometime, she will have the IPD which costs P5,000. Maybe after a month, we will come back for that, she has to finish Hepa A first. Whew!!!! Plus the rest of the shots that she still needs in the future. I never had this “ouch” feeling in my pocket. Vacc in Bahrain are shouldered by the Government.

Speaking of ouch, Deye didn’t even cry. She just said “ouch” twice and that’s it. She even waved goodbye and gave Dra. Castillo her sweetest flying kiss. What a brave little girl!

Here are the rest of the shots that the doctor scheduled for Deye:

  1. Typhoid > 3 y/o (to be given every 3 years)
  2. DPT Booster > 08/15/2010
  3. Flu > anytime (yearly)
  4. MMR II > 5 y/o
  5. Chicken Pox II > 01/31/2011
  6. Hepa B Booster > 08/15/2012

I hope they don’t cost much!

Mitch Carvalho

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  1. the vaccines cost much at private practice clinics. but try to check the services at your city health center or barangay center. they have it there at cheaper price if not libre.

    Di bale it’s for her safety naman, ska subok naman na yung Paedia na yun.


  2. i think the Philippines has got the complete vaccines than here in Bahrain.

    Yup, but Bahrain Govt shoulders the expenses, unlike here sakit sa bulsa.


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