It had been 7 years since I got married. I remember the days when Derrick & I had arguments on what color motif to pick, what wedding favors to give, what ring design to have and who to choose as witnesses. At the end of the day, it was my decision whose followed except for the wedding rings that he really took responsibility of.

If only I had enough time and easy access to Internet that time, I would have taken the designs from the wedding dresses vancouver. I’m so glad and lucky that my friend’s mom designs wedding gowns. I’m sure if she was in Bahrain, she will take care of everything. What I did was sent her a draft of my design, she had it properly sketched according to my preference and she had it sent to me to show to the person who made my gown.

Our wedding preparation was indeed a hardwork. I put my hands on to make it happen of course with the help of few friends and relatives around us. I guess that’s the downside of having the wedding out of your country. Glad everything went well and here we are about to celebrate our 7th Anniversary few months from now.

Mitch Carvalho

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