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Vasomotor Rhinitis

I went to work with a heavy feeling this morning. My eyes look swollen as per my officemates’ observation. I felt so feverish with a very bad headache. In the past days,  I have also been feeling uneasy because of my nose. Clogged. Congested. After a thorough check, I was diagnosed with Sinusitis and Vasomotor Rhinitis. As per the doctor’s findings, inside is already swollen and irritated. The latter is no more a surprise to me. I had the same problem 5 years ago when I was still in Bahrain. Mine is triggered more with a cold weather and temperature changes. I was just wondering after so many years why am I getting the same problem to think Philippines is a tropical country. Then I realized it could be the full blast A/C that is affecting me. At the moment, I am taking different capsules and a nasal spray for 7 days. Hope I get better before I leave for Bangkok next week.

I just hate the drowsy feeling after I take them. *sigh*

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