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A lot of my friends are based in Europe and almost all of them has been inviting and convincing me to visit and see their places. I would love to, why not? But of course, I want each and every trip planned. It’s always better to keep an itinerary with you, like plan each day on where to go and what to do.

I might accept those invitations one day and I hope that it’ll be very soon. I think that it would be fun to see a live concert in Europe. I heard from a friend that Led Zeppelin has already planned their comeback concert in November and that’s gonna be in 02 London. That’s more than 2 months from now. I’ve been wanting to see how Led Zeppelin perform live. I wish I could make it. Yeah right, I wish! Hahaha!

Well, just in case that my wish would be granted and that plan will push through, I know where to get the tickets. Yup, I meant the concert tickets. I told you I want everything planned, that’s why I started sourcing out. *wink*

Since wishing and hoping are still available and free in the market, I also wish and hope to see Formula 1. Of course, I know where to get the sports tickets too. Heehee!

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