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Vick’s Vaporub : Haplos Ng Pagmamahal


raqgold said…
how about rubbing a bit of vicks vapor rub on your sole, and then wear socks while sleeping, effective daw yan! plus, drink plenty of liquid – and keep your sense of humor — get well dear.
There’s no harm in trying! I tried it last night. And guess what? Parang magic! I rubbed some amount of it on my sole, put my socks on and walah! I really had a good night sleep. Walang bara sa ilong! No cough! Walang istorbo! Garantisado! I’d say mas effective pala na ipahid sa talampakan kesa sa chest and back like what we used to do pero di kasing ginhawa ng tulad ng kagabi! I did the same thing for my daughter. She didn’t wake up in between and didn’t even cry for milk. From 9pm till 7am, we were sleeping like dead!

Good thing available ang Vick’s dito and I always have it at home, just in case. I used to drop a small amount of it to a boiling water and inhale it to unblock my nose! Masakit! It also works kaso for sometime lang.

Kaya sa mga mommies out there, try Raqgold’s tip! May haplos talaga ng pagmamahal! *wink* Sana mabasa ng Vick’s ito, baka magsupply hahaha!

Thanks Mommy Raq!

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