Vinyl Wall Stickers

Moving to your own place is such an achievement with the grandest feeling of improving it more. I am on that stage right now. If only I have enough funds, I will keep on improving our home sweet home.

Aside from the garden that I have been focusing on, our next project would be the girls’ bedroom. They wanted it painted in baby and dark pink. But then having the thought of removing all the furniture and stuff and keeping them back again, I’d rather do something else. So I thought why not just have wall stickers in that case, right? I guess it’s much better than having a messy and smelly  room again. Sure thing that baby wall stickers would definitely compliment the colors that they love. Pink! Plus my belief that they will always be like babies to me. 

If I would have the liberty to choose the design, I would pick the this, perfect to be stuck where their hair dresser is installed.


Of course, the master’s bedroom should have one, too! I personally pick the Dandelion Wall Sticker in that case.


Indeed, home improvement these days does not require too much labor and time. You can actually do it yourself. What I love about these decals, they are removable, re-usable and will not damage your walls. You won’t even need extra tools, glue, paste or water needed for hanging. They could also be placed in any room in your home, even on a mirror or a piece of furniture for something unique.

I’m definitely sending their website link to my husband, like right now so he could start placing “my” orders. Yes, he will do the ordering, he has credit cards anyway and this shop ships worldwide.

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