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Walking is a huge developmental milestone in a baby’s life. So much goes into walking that, as adults, we take for granted. Babies have to build up muscles, learn vital hand-eye coordination, understand the world around them, maintain balance and so much more to allow them to learn how to walk. Parents naturally wish to utilize every situation and resource to help them achieve milestones. Along with talking, walking is one of the most important steps a baby takes toward becoming an independent individual.

Although it may be strongly desired that a baby utilize their bare feet to gain greater advantage in learning how to walk, there are times that a parent must place shoes on their baby’s feet to protect them. For instance, being outdoors is a time when shoes are needed. However, the type of shoes a parent chooses is important. Soft shoes should be used so that a baby can still sense the world around him to gain greater information for learning. Hard shoes block out a lot of feeling from exterior surfaces and balance is harder to manage in shoes that are hard and clunky. For this reason, it is best to use soft shoes that help a baby to feel the world around him, but allow for his feet to be protected and still enable him to master the art of walking. For instance, Momo Baby has some of the softest shoes for babies that are stylish, comforting and allow baby to venture into walking.

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