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Wanted : All Around Househelp

Thought life would be a lot easier once a new househelp comes in. She was okay at first. I was even happier coz she’s almost my mom’s age. I didn’t want to take her at first bcoz of her age but when she came to our house to apply, she was with her daughter and the daughter asked her “Ano Ma, okay ka na dito?” I felt sorry for her. Told myself why not try her. As I’ve said she was okay until she became so comfortable with us. I first got annoyed when she demanded for the household cleaners that we don’t normally use at home. First of all, we don’t belong to a high class family to afford all these. Suka (vinegar) lang ayos ng panlinis ng tiles! Anyway, to cut the story short, we even ended up switching Ariel to Surf because of her for some reasons.

2 weeks later after I took her in, she asked for 2k in advance. I gave 1k instead. But before that she asked me to buy her vitamins, one cost P20 each and I bought 1 month consumption. She told me to deduct whatever I have spent for her vitamins. For humanitarian reasons and consideration, I gave her first month salary without any deductions except the 1k that she took in advance.

The other morning, I got up at almost 6am, went straight to the bathroom while she was in the kitchen. I’m sure she saw me besides she could hear the dripping water from the bathroom to where she was. I was in the middle of my “morning rituals” when I heard bunso crying out loud. I wrapped myself with my bath towel, ran to the bedroom and saw Ate Deye trying to stop her baby sister from crying. And the househelp was happily cleaning in the living room. I didn’t say a word coz I don’t wanna spoil my day. Unfortunately, this scenario keeps on repeating.

This morning, we called the carpenter to repair the door coz it’s been making sound when we try to lock it up. Obviously, the carpet needs to be removed for the meantime while the work is ongoing. Mom told her it seems to do so but she refused to and suggested that she could just cover the carpet with something. She saw some used tarp and put them together using a packing tape, and almost finished a roll just for that. So mom told her “okay na yan tama na sayang ang tape”, then she murmured and said something. That incident happened around 11am while I was still in the office, came home at 12nn and she’s not to be found inside the house instead passing her time in the yard, pretending to be busy. I was just observing her. After lunch she went uptairs, took her break. I went out at around 4pm, still, she’s upstairs. I came back after a couple of hours, still, she’s upstairs. She must’ve heard that I came already, I saw her coming down with a wet washcloth, then went up again few minutes later. I saw the lights turned off at half past 7pm.

Need I say more? If I am to list down the rest of the things that happened in the past month, I would be wasting my effort looking for a weight loss supplement, coz definitely I won’t be needing a single pill if I keep her. So there… read the title of this post. Wanted : All around househelp. She’s still very much visible in the house, of course I won’t sack her yet until I got a new one.

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