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Wanted: All around housemaid

Yes, for the nth time I am once again looking for an all around housemaid. A month ago, my housemaid asked me if she could go home to La Union and see her kids. Being a mother, of course I let her and even gave her 3 days to spend with her kids.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday came, still no sign of her. Until finally I was able to talk to her mother-in-law and learned the whole situation. Of course, she’s no longer coming back. Her husband won’t let her come back. Mind you her “husband” is jobless and it seems like he has no plans of looking for one. He’s been sitting at home doing nothing. The worst part, Kathy took P1,000.00 from my mom coz I didn’t give in when she asked for “bale”. Not that I didn’t have money that time but I just gave her, her full month salary.

Anyway, one week later, after interviewing a few applicants, I finally found one from “Samar”, through the guy who delivers water to my house. She’s 20 years old, single and had a short experience of being a housemaid. Since I was already desperate and soon to travel to Bangkok that time, even if she was not really housechores oriented, I got her in. I had to teach her everything up to the smallest things to be done in the house. I didn’t mind as long as she takes care of my kids while I am not around.

The day I returned from Bangkok, while having dinner, which is the usual time that I talk to her, I asked her straight “Buntis ka ba?” and she denied to death, of course. For 4 nights, I bugged her about her being pregnant, as I noticed sudden changes in her. She is sometimes out of her mind so I told her if she is not feeling well, I will take her to the doctor. I suddenly realized the reason why she never took the medicines I gave her when she wasn’t feeling well.

To cut the story short, last Saturday morning, her Auntie who is also a resident of Olongapo, paid her a visit and told me that they are taking her back and that she could stay and work any longer because of her situation. Right there and then I knew it! Finally, she had the courage to admit to her relatives that she’s pregnant the previous night, and she mentioned that I began to suspect that she was.

I gave her 2 weeks salary that she had worked for me, and the last words I told her “Ayusin mo buhay mo, magiging nanay ka na and enough of lies”. I found out later on that she did not really come from Samar. Yes, she is originally from Samar but she’s already been here since December of 2010.  And she’s almost 5 months on the way.

What else could I say? Wish me luck in my search for a not-so-perfect-but-loyal-housemaid! *sigh*

Now, could someone lend me a power lift chair? I am darn tired, emotionally I guess. Thanks to my mom who’s always around! It was indeed a wise decision to move to an apartment just next street teehee!

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