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Ways on how to organize your accessories and personal stuff

Getting organized can be frustrating when you can’t find the easiest and cheapest way to do it. Here are clever ideas which I did for myself:

I love silver bracelets, bangles and chunky accessories. It was only 3 years ago when I stopped panic buying. I don’t find it practical anymore since I just stay at home most of the time. But before that happened, I managed to have a holder custom-made for only Php450, from The 24 Hour Mommy, a fellow mommy blogger. If I am not mistaken, this has been with me for more than 3 years now.


It is a 3-layer round wooden bar, painted in glossy black. It lets me store more than 30 bangles, depending on the sizes.

Downsize is when I wanted something from the middle, I need to remove the ones from the left or right side. But it’s a lot better than having them stored in a clear container. I used to do that but getting them tangled was another problem so I switched to this type.

If you are not fond of bangles, you can also keep your watches stored here.


If you have noticed in the first photo, there’s a white tray that looks exactly like an ice cube tray. Well, actually it is! That’s where I keep my stud earrings.


Clean and neat, and easy to find! Apart from these, I also have the dangling ones which are hooked in a screen meant for windows and doors.


Those two bracelets in gold on the left are my two current favorites, thus I keep them separate so I can easily grab them!


While for the necklaces, I asked my husband to install hooks so they can be hung nicely. This is way better than keeping them in jewelry boxes. There’s no need to dig each time you want them.

Even though I don’t usually wear lipstick, I also buy and keep in anticipation of school events that my daughters participate in and in the occasions which require me to appear fully made-up.


I got this holder from Daiso. It is actually meant for keeping and holding TV remote controls but you see, you can always re-purpose the things that you find suitable for your stuff.

Behind it is where I keep my make-ups.

Now let’s move onto my other personal stuff which I also love organizing in a way that I am comfortable with.


Apart from the set of big make-up brushes kept in its original case, I also got the ones that come in make-up compacts i.e. eye-shadow duo, or blush on. I keep these in a transparent glass filled with rice grains for better holding. You will also find here my tweezers and eyebrow blades. I got this idea from Pinterest.

Here’s my vanity corner, in full view (I see empty space for more necklaces haha!):


On the right (behind) are my hair brushes, comb and iron, and my perfumes/cologne. Just the other day, I realized I already have almost everything that every girl’s hair require.


The brown divider that you see above, where the bangles are placed, is actually a stool that came with my hairdresser. I took the foam off and used it as shown. The said hairdresser (shown below) is where I keep my other stuff for back up.


It’s not really that hard organizing things. You just have to be creative and well, yeah, organized haha! You don’t need to spend a fortune to do that. Just look around you and you will find useful things in the household which you never thought would be helpful.

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