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Wedding Bloopers

Cheche said “sarap balikan ng wedding no?! *sigh*”. Yes, indeed. Especially when there are funny moments to reminisce. Her words gave me an idea to blog about wedding bloopers. It’s always fun to reminisce especially when there were bloopers.

A week before our wedding was the rehearsal. That was also the day when the Church required for the misalette handouts. I had everything ready. Since I made all the handouts, I knew some of my lines already by heart. It was my husband who was stammering the whole time during the rehearsal. During the vows, I was the one who guided him on where to put the wedding rings. Guess what? On the day itself, it was me who had forgotten everything hahaha! And that made him laughed…

After the rehearsal, they strictly told us that we should be there at 5:30 p.m. As usual, there were last minute errands and I reached the Church at past 6 p.m. The ceremony was supposed to be starting at 6 p.m. sharp. Derrick kept on calling on our way there heehee! Told him to relax, I’ll be there in a few minutes. The funny part was, somebody had parked his car by the entrance. As we were approaching the Church, I saw my husband at the gate giving signals to the driver who had parked the car there. I immediately called and told him “get inside, we’re not supposed to see each other until the ceremony starts… Hahaha! So he went in…

Mass started. The Parish Priest was new. He just joined Sacred Heart Parish that time. Being a Goan, he didn’t know much about our typical-Filipinos-style wedding ceremony. There were mistakes in between but everything went well except for the “kiss the bride” part that he had completely forgotten. We waited. But there was no announcement of “you may now kiss the bride”. During the Church pictorial, people demanded for our first husband & wife kiss hahaha! And we finally did! This photo was taken right after the kiss. I was literally wiping my lips bwehehehe!

Before we could walk off the Church, I suddenly thought of the confetti. Who might be holding it…. I asked my husband… and he said “Oh no! I forgot to get some this morning! Huwaaaaat? We don’t have them at all? He called his cousin to get it from the shop next door. Luckily, there were enough hahahaha!

I bought his excuse that there were no shops open in the morning. That’s the disadvantage of getting married in Ramadan. You won’t get anything easily during the days.

Well, those were the not-so-good happenings on my wedding day (as much as I can think of…).

And you know what? Let’s get this running… Maybe Cheche, Analyse, Princess of CJ, Khristine and Jengkie could share their wedding bloopers.

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