Just a year before I gave birth to my bunso, Ishi, our family of three then was able to spend a weekend in Baguio. It was my husband’s first time to see Baguio that made the trip more fun! It took us 6 hours to get there by Victory Liner bus. Left Olongapo at 2am first trip and got there at at my cousin’s place at around 9am.

Welcome to Baguio
Welcome to Baguio City

Too bad we did not get the chance to see around Baguio as it was raining hard most of the time. I’m glad we still had the chance to go on boating, which Deye and Derrick enjoyed so much.

Father and Daughter
Father and daughter enjoying the boat ride
Boating at the Burnham Park

Aside from my mom and brother who tagged along with us, Deye did not forget to bring Dora along with her.

At the Burnham Park
Inside the Victory Liner bus
At the Good Shepherd

Of course, I won’t let the chance pass without going to Good Shepherd, known for their yummylicious Ubeng Halaya.

At the Botanical Garden

A wacky shot taken inside the Botanical Garden, Unfortunately, it was too late that we could not capture the beauty of it.

Family Photos
Family Photos

The very few family photos we were able to take. The photo on top right was at the Mines View Park, where we took some time to rest and had pieces of corn on the cob.

SM City Baguio

We also went to see SM City Baguio and bought some things that we needed. Derrick, my husband posed for this, he says that he wanted some proof to his work colleagues that he really went to Baguio.

On the way there, we passed by the Ukay Ukay road and bought some items that still had their tags on it.

Though our trip was short and we missed strawberry picking, we still enjoyed. Oh by the way, here’s my fave shot of all, a proof that my husband really enjoyed!

Mitch Carvalho