Weekend Memoirs #1 : Fun In The Rain

Watching my daughter played in the rain yesterday with her cousins brought me back to my childhood. That’s the exact spot where me and my cousins would also play during our time. The flood around the yard where we would sometimes pretend we were in the pool, the water drops that fall from the roof and most of all the memories, fun and laughters that are still vividly kept  and treasured in my mind. I’m supposed to be composing an article about rv towing but I thought I would do this entry first before it completely goes off my mind. Teehee!

For more than a year that we’re here in the Philippines, I never allowed my daughter to play or bath in the rain. I guess I was just being careful with what might happen coz she’s never experienced it. But yesterday, I just thought we’d give it a try. I myself enjoyed feeling the rain drops all over me. From our street down to the next street where my relatives reside and my dad grew up, we walked barefooted smiling, holding hands feeling the rain and the breeze.

Ah! It feels good to be a child again! Oh by the way, here are more candid shots from yesterday:

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  1. omgosh sis! Your little D is really enjoying what she is doing. Pwede na pala ma utusan ano?

    I love her hair..parang k dimple pero si Deye marunong lang maghipos sa hair nya. Si dimple di marunong at ayaw magpa suklay. hehehee

    At Deye bakit di ka nag bathing suit? hehehee (hugsss)))

    Happy Sunday sis and welcome to OWM!

    Arlene’s last blog post..Torn Between


  2. Yup, nakakatuwa nga panoodin kahapon haha! May video pa yan kaso natatamad akong i-upload pa. Naku kaya lang sya nagwawalis kasi excited dahil di pa nya nagagawa yan ever!

    Kakapagupit lang namin ng hair nya, pinapatrim ko yan at least every two months. Yan ang natural hair nya kaya lagi ko sya tinatali kasi ayaw nya ng sabog sa mukha. Ano pala sis yung maghipos?

    Naku don’t give her that idea na magbathing suit while bathing in the rain at gagawin nya yan, kukulitin ako nyan haha!

    Thanks sis!


  3. Hi Mitch, oh my goodness, look at Deye, her hair has grown longer. And I think she loves playing in the rain.

    That was fun playing in the rain! I did that when I was young.

    Good to see you. Have a great week.

    Ebie’s last blog post..Blogging and Friendship in Stamp Collection


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