We celebrated our high school batch 1993 Basketball Team’s Victory Party (cum mini reunion) for winning the 3rd Alumni Basketball League championship two weeks go. Congrats guys!

Although not everyone made it to this event, I’d say it was fun (there were more than 25 attendees I think but I only remembered to take our photos when some already left the beach, my bad! It wasn’t intended I promise! Heehee!). We enjoyed catching up, talked about our kids and felt every bite of the lechon that Dra. Karen, Sheila, Rhey and Mau contributed hahaha! Chona’s gelatin was also yummylicious. Thanks for the take home Chons heehee! Oh by the way, it was a potluck party. Me and Julius shared with a bilao of pancit from Los Polluelos. Some brought booze, bbqs and fruits.

We hope to have our grand reunion next year, if it pushes through. We, then, just realized that it’s already been 17 long years since we graduated from High School. Time really flies. Next thing we know, we are celebrating our 50th year already LOL!

Now drafting an article about long distance movers. Later!

Mitch Carvalho

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