Weekend Snapshot #4

Deye and the Shoebox

While  I was busy packing last night, she was also trying to keep herself busy playing with the shoebox.















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  1. … and the mommy while packing, was busy capturing the moment, hihihi natawa naman ako sa ginawa ni deye sa shoebox, hahaha

    Yup para may mapadala kay D hehehehe! kaya thankful ako sa fonecams eh, nahahabol ko agad pinaggagagawa nya. :p


  2. I love the shot of your daughter. Sometimes the best toys are everyday items a child picks up.

    That’s true. She’s also fond of empty water bottles, remote controls and used call cards. :p


  3. hehe she funny naman..I guess she trying to get you attention lol “well she succeed alright”..very adorable talaga nya..

    I believe so… Thanks!


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