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Weekly Fest : PMC and Birthday

This week’s PMC theme is about PMC and Birthday:

I don’t remember exactly how I became a member of this community. Hmmm… let me try to refresh. Hmmmm… Oh I remember now!!! I was doing my daily blog hops during that time and chanced upon Pinay Mommy Online’s blog. There, I found a badge that somehow got me. You know the feeling of a first time mom who frequents different sites just to get ideas and parenting tips? That was all about it! That was mainly my purpose and one came after the other, found myself enjoying the forum later on.

Unfortunately, for some reasons the forum was inactive for sometime. You know why? Because Mommy Ruby, the owner and founder of Pinay Mommy and PMC has got something better for us. A new improved user friendly forum. New members kept coming in, from different parts of the world. Ideas overflowed until she came up to this Weekly Fest. So far this fest has got a good and positive response from the members, including me. We make sure that we don’t miss it! And you know what’s good about this fest? It’s not the same as the typical meme that we encounter weekly. Every post that you make comes with a prize. Weekly participants do receive EC points and some other prizes sponsored by different benefactors. Winners are drawn via

For this week’s fest, benefactors are:

  1. Our Journey to Forever
  2. FilConnect
  3. and last but not the least, Pinay Mommy Online, the birthday celebrant.

Since it’s your birthday, I have something for you. It’s pink so I’m sure you’d love it! 😀

Credits here.

Oh! By the way, this week’s prizes are:

1 grand prize winner of free domain ( with one year free webhosting!
1 winner of $10 (via paypal) plus 300ec credits.
1 winner of $5 (via paypal) plus 100ec credits.
All are winners already, FREE 50 ecs to all participants.

If you’re not a member yet, registerer here. Hope to see you there! Tata!

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