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Weekly Question #9

This week’s WQ is:

What are the 5 simple pleasures that will give you, well, simple pleasures?

When I first read the question, so many things came to my mind, but yeah, I only need to enumerate 5 of those. So here they are:

1) A glass of Coke – Though I know it isn’t good for me, that I sometimes forget to drink at least a glass of water in a day, I still couldn’t resist to have, well, a glass of coke (or more) in each meal. Take note, in each meal.

2) Chocnut – If you give me a pack of Kisses and another pack of Chocnut, I’d choose Chocnut. Okay, okay. I lied. Will you please don’t ask me why? I dunno. I just know I love it! Hahaha!

3) Pedicure/Manicure – You see I’m not the type of girl (woman, lady, whatever!) who is seen in a salon or spa every time they feel the need to. I just don’t. I prefer a whole body massage done at home. So, to prove to myself that somehow I have this “vanity” sort of thing inside me, I make sure that every week, a pedicure AND manicure are done. Every week.

4) Movie and a popcorn – At home. I could feel every scene shown in a movie with a bowl of popcorn (I microwave it myself) and of course a glass of coke. Anyone? 😀

5) Good long sleep – till my back hurts haha! Even when I was single and working, I’d wake up on my days-off very late, between 1-3pm. Now that I have a child to look after, I always wish that she’d wake up at least 11am, so I could enjoy those hours too! Otherwise, I get cranky just like my daughter LOL!

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  • julie

    I love Coke too (with 3-4 ice cubes in a glass) but I am staying away from it and controlling my intake, anlaki na kasi ng tiyan ko 😀

    When we buy a pack of chocnut, the kids don’t like it but when just buy tingi from the sari-sari store, ubos agad.

    I don’t do manicure and pedicure, lugi ako kasi maliliit ang mga nails ko, hehe.

    Movie at home, yes but not popcorn (altho we love popcorn) coz we watch in the bedroom, baka kami langgamin 😀

    Uninterrupted sleep yes, pero di kaya ng powers ko till after 12. Tagal mo pala matulog, Mitch 😀

    Thanks for the answers, I enjoyed your simple pleasures 🙂


  • Zriz

    oh gawd! I LOVE LOVE LOVE coke. regular! but it’s not a simple pleasure for me…cuz it’s a must have! nyahahahaha

    check out mine here

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