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We’re Doing It Again This Christmas

Gift-giving. Exchange gift. Monito-monita. Whatever you call it, yes, we are on for this year’s Kring Kringle over at Kuro. I’ve been a part of this online family for the last 5 years, where I met Arlene (unfortunately we have not met in person until now), Jenefer and KFG members.

I’d say we could call this gift-giving a tradition now. We’ve been doing this for the past 3 consecutive years and everyone who joined undoubtedly enjoyed and had fun doing it. Take note, it isn’t a virtual thing. We really did mail our gift to our partners. The first time I joined, I had the chance to meet my partner in person along with his gift. We were the earliest “partners” who finished the “deed” 2 months before Christmas hahaha! I was in Bahrain and he’s in Saudi. Luckily, he was set to spend Eid in Bahrain along with his colleagues. So, we thought it’s a good timing. Here are the items that I got the first time I joined Kuro’s Christmas Exchange Gift (2006):

I am facilitating this year’s Kris Kringle but my Kumareng Anna will be doing the “pairing”, she’s very good at it as she was the one who started it in 2005. I am excited to know who’s gonna be my lucky monito/monita. I’ll post an update here.

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