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What a stressful day!

I waited until 12 midnight last night hoping I’d get a response from the boss. An approval, that is. Dozed off at half past 12 midnight and next thing I knew, it was already time for  another long day.

Checked my mail first thing but still no reply. Waited. Waited. Waited. Darn! I had to find a way! As soon as the clock struck at 1pm, I made a decision, whether he’s in a bad mood or not, I gotta make a call. So I did! I called the boss and it was only 6am from where he was. Right there and then, we revised whatever I needed from him.

One down.

But not all.

There were things that needed his attention and approval. Since two of my colleagues involved in this project went on official business in Pangasinan, I had to think again for something that would make my life a lot easier. That was it! Whether it’s approved or not, I sent the drafts to the printing press, told the guy that I need the designed layouts by tomorrow, requested for a quotation and I kinda bribed him (used my charm, of course) provided he will prioritize my requirements. He promised he’ll send whatever he finished tomorrow after lunch. *sigh*

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