All the while I thought I was over it. It was in year 2012 when I was first diagnosed with adenomyosis and ovarian cysts. For those who have no idea what adenomyosis is, here’s a short clip about it:

It again started last month when I had my period, and lasted for more than 3 weeks with pain that I could not sometimes take. So I went to my OB, had a check-up and as expected I was advised to do another transvaginal ultrasound. Right there, we found out that the ovarian cysts I had before are still existing, and that my uterus is retroverted. No wonder I get pain during sexual intercourse and menstrual period.

What are the Symptoms of a Retroverted Uterus?

Generally, the majority of women suffering from a retroverted uterus experience no symptoms. However, if symptoms are present, the two most commonly-occurring symptoms include:

– pain during sexual intercourse
– pain during menstruation

This pain and discomfort is the result of pressure that the retroverted uterus places on the rectum and the ligaments around the tailbone.

Rare symptoms associated with a retroverted uterus include:

-lower back pain
-increased number of urinary tract infections
-pain while using tampons
-fertility difficulties

Back to my main issue, adenomyosis sysmptoms are:
Other symptoms include;

-Intense debilitating pain all the time and/or
-Acute & increasing pain at menstruation and ovulation
-Strong ‘contraction’ feel of uterus
-Abdominal cramps
-A ‘bearing’ down feeling
-Pressure on bladder
-Dragging sensation down thighs and legs
-Heavy bleeding and flooding
-Large blood clots
-Prolonged bleeding i.e.; up to 8–14 days

Unfortunately, I feel all these, that is why I was prescribed to take pills for 6 months without fail. If the pain is no longer tolerable then I have no choice but to have my uterus removed. I hope not though.


For now, I have to bear with the pain till I am done with my medication and here’s hoping that the pills will somehow help me.

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