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Whether you’re in your 20s, 30s or beyond, time is going to catch up to all of us at one point or another. That’s why experts believe that it’s wise to start looking into anti-aging almost as soon as you reach your early 20s, asserting that protection and prevention is a far sounder strategy than making an attempt to correct signs of aging later in life. Here are some guidelines to help you create an anti-aging skincare plan that’s appropriate for your age:

During Your 20s: Start Developing Good Habits During your 20s, you’re highly unlikely to spot signs of aging just yet. That doesn’t mean you can afford to be complacent about your skincare, though— this is the time to start developing good skincare habits so that you can reap the rewards in the future. 

You may find that cleansing your face with plain soap and water isn’t working out as well as it did when you were fifteen. If you’ve discovered makeup in your 20s, invest in an effective method of getting it off your face. The double-cleansing method is preferred to completely strip your face of that mask of accumulated makeup, dirt, and facial oil. Use a cleansing oil to melt the makeup off, then clean your face with a dedicated cleanser that ticks all of the following check marks: gentle, non-soap, pH-neutral.

Now is also the best time to start moisturizing in earnest. If you have oily skin, opt for a gel moisturizer or a light serum. Meanwhile, those with dry skin can take full advantage of the hydration a heavy cream product can give them. As much as possible, use products that contain hyaluronic acid or niacinamide, both powerful anti-aging ingredients that should keep the years back for a good while. Finally, if you haven’t gotten into the habit of applying sunscreen every time you go out, start now. Protecting your skin from harsh UVA and UVB rays can go a long way towards preserving its youthfulness.

During Your 30s: Look Into Specialized Care Don’t panic, but signs of aging will make themselves apparent once you’ve reached the age of 30. You may start to see age spots and fine lines, especially in areas that are frequently exposed to the sun and where the skin is slightly thinner and more delicate, like around your eyes.

At this point, you’ll want to intensify the hydration, as well as get serious about exfoliating. Incorporating a hydrating toner into your skincare routine can help replenish lost moisture as well as help your face better absorb active ingredients. You may also want to look into chemical exfoliation, which keeps your skin bright and fresh by enhancing cell renewal and turnover.

Pigmentation is one of the most common signs of aging. Thankfully, you can easily combat them by arming your skincare routine with brighteners in the form of products packed with vitamin C and kojic acid. You can incorporate a serum, such as YEOUTH’s Vitamin C & E Day Serum with Hyaluronic Acid into your daily regimen. This nifty product boosts the synthesis of collagen in your skin for a healthy glow, while also providing some protection from sun damage.

During Your 40s: Combat Wrinkles and Dryness In this decade, you’ll start to see and feel the full effects of time on your cell regeneration rate and collagen production. It’s not far-fetched to catch a fine line or two, in addition to the occasional age spot and wrinkle. You may find that at this point, certain skin areas will have begun to sag and droop, such as beneath your chin and on your neck. You may also notice that your skin feels much dryer.

You may want to look into retinoids and retinol products, such as tretinoin and retinoic acid. Retinoids promote healthy cell turnover by prompting the skin cells on the surface to die rapidly and make way for new cells beneath. They also help protect your collagen stores, preventing them from breaking down. To ward off dry skin, add more moisturizing products to your skincare arsenals, like a deeply hydrating facial serum, or a heavy night cream or sleeping mask that’s packed with glycerin and hyaluronic acid. Finally, go for richer, heavier formulas of your favorite sunscreens and antioxidant products that offer better hydration as well as anti-aging benefits.

Even in skin care, you reap what you sow. Start investing in your skin today and it will go a long way in reducing the impact of time and everyday stresses.

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