What’s your skincare night routine? I’ll say it again, I’ve never been bothered about my skin and looks until wrinkles and lines became visible on my face. Too late, I know, but I believe I can still do something about it.

Thankful for these Korean products that are now available in the market, combined with correct beauty tools. Let me share with you my skincare night routine:

1. Wash with Farmstay Snail Pure Cleansing Foam. I have been using this since March and so far so good. No bad side effects and skin reactions. This product retails at Php450.

farmstay snail pure cleansing foam

2. Spray Migabee Centella Witchhasel Essential. Centella is a great addition to your skincare routine if you have acne-prone skin. This is because the active constituents of Centella Asiatica speed up wound healing and decrease inflammation by stimulating the production of collagen. Centella also helps to heal pimples faster while preventing acne scarring.

This product can also be used as a toner. After spraying on your face, let it dry and wipe it with cotton for double-cleansing. I only do this added step in my morning routine. At night, I use it as a mist to hydrate my skin. This product retails at Php850, in full size, but is also available at Php350, 100 ml. Details of the seller below.

3. Apply Farmstay Crocodile Oil Cream. Oh how I love this one! The cream itself isn’t runny at all. A small amount is enough to cover my full face. And the packaging? So gorgeous! This product retails at Php1050.

4. Lastly, I massage my face upwards using this jade roller.

Products used | Sellers’ FB Links:

From Aelous Marthyn Kim:
 Farmstay Snail Pure Cleansing Foam
 Migabee Centella Witchhazel Essential
 Farmstay Crocodile Oil Cream

From Erleen Corona Montillana:
 Jade Roller

Remember to “always make room for more beauty in your life“. Having kids, and aging should not stop us, moms, from doing so.

Have a beautiful night!

Mitch Carvalho

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