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Whatta bad luck!

I really thought I could spend some extra time with my blogs this time, but then some things just won’t let me. My HP 16″ laptop won’t also cooperate. First, its keyboard didn’t work after my bunso decided to play with it like a drum. When my husband came, he connected the spare desktop keyboard to it so I could use it. It worked but only for sometime. Now its charger finally gave up. It could be the supply of the electricity in my area that is giving this problem. It also happened to my Toshiba charger before. To think these units haven’t even turned 2 y/o.

But then I’m glad coz I have my Deye’s  netbook to the rescue. If I need to upload photos on FB and do some of my online tasks I do it. But then the satisfaction isn’t the same and I could not do any digital scrap layouts coz I don’t have Photoshop installed in it and even if I can, the netbook won’t take the load I’m sure.

I was already okay with the netbook and finally adjusted myself when suddenly my mouse also decided to give up. Whatta! Now I have to survive with the touchpad and it really irritates me.

Guess what? 2 days in a row now since my Internet connection was down. Without my wifi, I couldn’t even use my iPad. I told my friend about this badluck and she suggests that I use compaq laptops next time. I was like what’s the difference? A laptop without an Internet connection and a mouse won’t still work so I don’t see any difference if ever I switch to something new. Well, at least none that I know of.

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