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When do kids start to lose their baby teeth?

I’ve read somewhere that kids usually start losing baby teeth anytime between 5 to 7 years old, and that having wiggly teeth could happen earlier than expected.


In my daughters’ cases, Ishi lost hers at 5 y/o, naturally and that just happened recently while my eldest lost hers at 6 y/o but she underwent a tooth extraction as her first permanent tooth has already came out fully. 

Ishi, my youngest, lost her baby tooth just 4 days ago, and the funny thing was, the tooth cannot be found haha! She was having her breakfast that day – white rice and fried chicken, when she can no longer feels her tooth suddenly and asked her sister to check on it, then Deye started screaming! Ishi, however, was quiet for a moment but later on understood that she might have swallowed it with her food. Too bad we didn’t get the chance to keep it just like how Deye did heehee! I’m just glad it came off already as her first permanent tooth has already decided to come out.


As expected, she would always pose for a wacky and funny shot! That’s how my youngest is!

As mentioned, Deye lost hers when she was 6 y/o, a little later than her sister but she was brave enough to undergo a tooth extraction maybe because she had no idea yet how it usually goes. Besides, I had her agreed over a cup of pistachio ice cream afterwards haha! If you’d ask me now if she’s still as brave as she was before, the answer is no. She’d rather take the pain of a toothache than go and see her dentist.


I just hope that both my girls will have a nice set of teeth without having the need of braces and retainers.


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