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When I grow up

As usual, before going to sleep, I initiated a conversation with Deye.

Me: Anak, what do you want to be when you grow up?
Deye: Teacher.
Me: Ay, ayaw mo ng maging doctor?
Deye: Hmmmmmm… sige doctor na nga ulit.
Me: Docotor ng? Madaming doctor. Doctor ng animals, ng babies, ng nagpapaanak. Yung nagpapaanak sila yung nagpapalabas ng babies.
Deye: Ay, I don’t like na pala! Kasi may blood! Doctor na lang pala ng teeth.
Me: Bakit, may dugo din naman ang teeth ah!
Deye: Ay naku, sige na nga Teacher na lang. Kasi walang blood.

She paused for a while and shoot another question…

Deye: Eh what about you, Mama What do you want to be when you grow up?
Me: Ngiiiii! Tapos na ako dyan, kasi nga di ba malaki na nga ako, di ba nagwowork na nga ako.
Deye: Hindi nga, pag tapos ka na sa GrainPro?
Me: Ahhhh! Eh di mag-aalaga na lang sa inyo ni bunso.

I really believe that conversation like this gets us to know more about our children. I am also glad to know that she’s aware of the name of the Company I am employed at.

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