When SAHM-one Speaks #2

Would you allow your child to go out on a date at an early age (as early as 16)? What do you think you’d feel about it if one day your child would ask you “Ma, can I go out on Friday night with…..? Be honest ladies!

I don’t remember my parents telling me that I can only entertain suitors after 18 years old. I don’t remember them commanding me not to accept suitors who wish to visit me home. I don’t remember my parents telling me not to go out on a date for as long as I’m with our group of friends. With this unconditional parents-daughter relationship, I grew up to be an obedient child in return. Why would I disappoint them when they’ve already given me the freedom to express myself and use my brain. They know I can decide on my own with their guidance of course. They trusted me completely. As early as 14, I entertained a suitor, visited me at home, became closer and our relationship even lasted for 2 years. I could call it a bf-gf relationship, friendship, companion, confidante, strictly no touch, no dates (on our own), and in case if we go out with friends he has to come home and pick me up. That was our relationship and set up all about. We both did set it up. We may be so young but with our parents’ blessings.

I’d say I’ve taken care of myself as how a girl should be till the day my husband proposed if I could marry him. I never disappointed my parents. There was no teen pregnancy nor abortion. Just plain heartaches caused by the boyfriends who broke my heart.

So why the hell I’m talking about this? Again, the question was:

Would you allow your child to go out on a date at an early age (as early as 16)? What do you think you’d feel about it if one day your child would ask you “Ma, can I got out on Friday night with….?

Yes, I will. I don’t want to deprive her from experiencing the good things I had experienced. I will definitely raise my daughter just like how my parents had raised me. I won’t rule over her mind and heart especially. I’d be so much happy to know that my daughter is normal. With that happiness, I’d tell her to “have fun and take care. You’re a grown up young lady now, you deserve to know the feeling of puppy love.”

It wouldn’t hurt to be one cool mom, right? Besides, the more you’d stop them, the more they’d do it. Ika nga sa Tagalog, “lalong hinihigpitan, lalong kumakawala!

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  1. ai nako sis! i had mga share of TNT with my BF’s especially with my hubby…hehehehe grabe parang me against the world! i will try to blog about this…kaya nga ayaw kong makabasa yung mama ko…errrr frequent reader sha sa mga blogs ko…at sa ibang mga blogger friends ko…hahahaha

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  2. i think it’s tough when it comes to making decisions for our kids…someone is always unhappy and hopefully whatever we decided, it would work out fine…I enjoyed reading your answer! I think that it helps when your parents trust you just like what your parents did to u and hopefully you can pass that on to your kids! nice one here!

    This is my 1st time to join but I answered last week’s question too! I like this meme a lot!

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