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When SAHMone Speaks

Would you allow your child to go out on a date as early as 16? What do you think you’d feel about it if one day your child would ask you “Ma, can I got out on Friday night with…..?”

When I was single and had no kids yet, I would always answer “It really doesn’t matter to me for as long as my children are well guided, not a problem if they go on a date or have a  boyfriend at a very young age coz I myself had my very first boyfriend at the age of 14.”

I have two girls. And the way I see how kids are these days, I think it starts to bother me a lot. Those days are gone. I feel that they are not safe anymore. It just does not bother me, and I already began to ask myself that what if one day one of them will come to me and say “Ma, I am pregnant”. I guess it’s natural for a mom like me to feel these things, and be more sensitive as they grow up but as I have said with proper guidance, I’m sure nothing will go wrong. So to answer the question, yes, I will still allow my children despite these thoughts but with certain conditions and limits.  A curfew perhaps  and I should know who they are going with. Or better yet, encourage them to rather spend time at home so we’ll know who they are. If I tell them NO, I’m sure they’d still do it behind me. So why torture myself with the thoughts that they are not doing it while they are actually at it.

Sorry for the delay, I have forgotten about this meme coz I am loaded with other things in mind.

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  1. sa una tuwang tuwa pa ako nung nililigawan pa lang ang daughter ko ibig sabihin pretty sya….Pero ang hirap pala pag GFBF na nakakalaki ng ulo ang initial reaction, kahit sabihin na I would like to be a cool and understanding mom (Reality sinks in na hindi na sya baby huhuhu)

    But eventually, thru proper guidance ako pa ang parating pinagsusumbungan ni BF kasi maypagkamoody si Ishi…

    At ngayong break na sila my daughter is very open in confiding to me and the BF would always call me pa din.

    Brown Pinay
    My Point of View

    Cielo of Brown Pinay’s last blog post..Let Us Help Save Mother Earth


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