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When yaya goes on leave

Whenever my girls’ yaya goes on leave, my schedule and job get affected. Last Monday, as soon as I arrived from Bicol, she told me that she had to go on emergency leave because her mother is in the hospital. In times like this, I can’t help it but to allow her even it falls on a working day. Downside is our daily routine, including my mom’s changes.

On Tuesday, since Deye was not able to get up on time, I decided not to send her to school and keep her in my parent’s house with my youngest, Ishi as I had to be at work. Yesterday, I had no choice but to skip at work coz my mom was busy with my brother who arrived last Tuesday for his 2-week short vacation.

An hour ago, I called the yaya and checked how her mom is doing and I’m glad she’s already out from the hospital. Good thing it was nothing serious otherwise I have to find a replacement if she decided to go back home and be with her mother and son.

She promised to be back tomorrow and I hope she will keep it! However, I told her to attend to whatever things she has to do first so that when she comes back, they won’t bother her and ask her again for extra money and to come home.


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  • Debbie Curtis

    Its really hard when a Nannie takes her leave especially when its weekday’s and it’s working day’s, right? you need to find another person to take care of your children at those day’s when they weren’t around.

    Hope the yaya of your children will be back so soon. 🙂


  • gie

    I hate it when something like that happens! Good thing I work from home so I can still squeeze in some work when the baby is asleep but then again, it’s not the same when our help is around. I hope your yaya comes back soon ^_^


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