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Where Si Dada?

My husband left at 2:30 this morning to catch the plane at 5:00. I decided not to drop him at the airport for two reasons:

  1. Deye will still be sleeping at that time.
  2. I hate goodbyes. I can’t stand to watch him leave without us. 🙁

We slept at 10pm last night. I got up at 1am for last minute packing of his baon “4 kilos of tocino”. Woke him up at 2:00am. By 2:30 he was already out of the house. I wasn’t able to get back to sleep *sigh*, don’t ask why… waaaaaaaaah!

Anyway, when Deye woke up at around 7:30, she immediately looked down the bed (That’s actually her morning routine, check if Dada is down sleeping. Yeah, Dada sleeps on the floor lately as we wouldn’t fit in our bed anymore.) and asked….

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