Who Do You Turn To?

When things go wrong, who do you turn to? Many people tend to just keep it to themselves. I don’t…

Either I tell my best friend / close friends, my husband and the last my parents. It’s not that I’m counting them out, but they are now old to absorb my “hang ups”. I just don’t want them to get worried. But I would say I am lucky to have them. I can easily open up to them.

My husband is my friend too! We drink together (those days were the best!). He’s the kind of guy that who would not say NO! Sometimes I feel he doesn’t care at all LOL! He is most of the time my absorber. Mwah!

The best of all is my bestfriend Chel, she is a good-patient listener. She makes me laugh even when I’m about to lose my temper. Oh! I miss her! Hope we could get together one day, again, like old times!

What ’bout you? When things go wrong, who do you turn to?

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  1. ay pareho tayo, my husband is my friend. he is usually the first person i turn to whenever things go wrong.
    and there’s my mom too. i have girlfriends, i just had a date with one yesterday 🙂


  2. Interesting Post – made me truly think of whom do I turn to when I am really in a pinch. First, I rely on God’s strength – so I turn to my Lord. 2nd, I probably get this “fight the world” inner strength to repair, stand up and move on. I believe I share verbally with my wife, but in a pinch it’s a chat with God and pull up my boot straps mentality. Make sense?


  3. When things go wrong, who do I turn to? I turn to anyone who cares to listen and if no one’s available, I blog and rant! Haha. Actually, when things go wrong, we can all just mutter: “This too shall pass.”


  4. when i was in school, it’s my nanay.. then when i was working, they’re my friends.. then now, it’s my hubby! kahit minsan he couldnt understand me, basta he listens to me, okay na yon. 😀


  5. Like yourself I turn to my husband, hes a great listener and I know Im so lucky to have him 🙂 Hes also my best friend… someone that I could be silly with and also confide in when somethings bothering me.

    You have a lovely family 🙂


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