Who Is Your Dada?

I ask her these questions once in a while so that she won’t forget:

Me : What is your name?

Deye : Yeye *she still can’t pronounce Deye*

Me : How old are you?

Deye : Two. *demonstrates with her two fingers up*

Me : Who is your Mama?

Deye : Mitch. *she could now say my name clearly*

Me : Who is your Dada?

Deye : ‘hal. :p *Toink!*

‘hal as in Mahal, this is what I call my husband and vice versa… Hahaha!

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  1. hahahaa! ang bilis talaga nila mang gaya. my cousin too called mymother “darling” coz that’s what she heard my father call my mom. this happens long long time ago di pa ako nasilang ha. your entry made me remember it. hehehe

    Saka ang hirap nga namang bigkasin ng Derrick puro R hahaha!


  2. waaa….record ko din progress sa words ni Ozzy!
    mommy mitch, uve inspired me to start my own blog ha:D
    ur an inspiration..ehehe

    Nabasa ko na nga hihihihi! Glad to know that I inspired you somehow…. 🙂


  3. hahahaha..nakakatuwa naman xa..

    Kulit no? I’m trying not to call my husband “Mahal” anymore kasi nga ginagaya pero minsan nakakalimot ako kasi nakasanayan na.


  4. buti pa si deye, mukhang good girl talaga.. si louna, she really refuses to say her name and how old she is.. lagi nyang sagot sa kin NON!

    That depends on her mood. Nagkataon lang na lagi syang nasa mood hehehe!


  5. natawa naman ako dito, hahaha! how come she calls u by ur name? talino ng anak u =)

    Tinuruan ko para pag nawala alam ng makakapulot kung kanino mananawagan hehehe!


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