Ang buhay nga naman! A very common line that I always hear when visiting someone’s wake. True enough. Deaths can be so sudden and the worst part, it usually happens when you are not financially ready, that your living loved ones would have to find a solution and shoulder the expenses.

When an agent came to me offering a life/memorial plan last year in November, I did not think twice. Not to sound morbid but you know the feeling when you have nothing? Been there. I had been through the worst of my life when I only had was enough for my transportation fare. What if same thing happens and worst, I die unexpectedly? How about my kids? No parent would love the idea of having their kids spend on them especially when they, too, have started their own families. I’ve seen people who were as strong as a bull, yet passed away so sudden, leaving nothing in hand and begging for help just to get their dead bodies out of the morgue. That would be too sad when the least thing you want to happen on your last breath is to see your loved ones settled with no worries.

November 2014, I took two of the cheapest memorial plans that St. Peter offers, payable for Five (5)  years.

It was on a promo so instead of Php550, I only pay Php450 per month for one (1) year. Since I took two (2) plans, I pay Php900 per month and I am about to complete one (1) year already without noticing. These are just few of the good points which convinced me in availing plans:

1) Transferable
2) Assignable
3) With cash assistance

If you visit their website, the plan that I chose was the cheapest one for I believe that funerals do not have to be grand. Who knows by then, my kids would be financially stable and generous enough to upgrade the services I’ve availed LOL! Kidding aside, this is so far the best move I’ve ever done in the past year. I would not want my kids to worry when that time comes. No parent would, I am sure.

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