When I learned that I was going to Holland last month, I told myself, by hook or by crook, I must have a picture taken with windmill as my background. Luckily, the place where my boss’ sister lives has a windmill nearby and we went there on our 3rd day in Limmen for a visit and dinner. I took that opportunity with few shots. Yes, just few shots as I was freezing to death.

A perfect jumpshot

Loving it!
Loving it!

Despite the very cold breeze at 13 degrees, I still managed to strike a pose heehee!


It was my boss’ wife who directs my poses hahaha! But before we were able to do that, my boss would not let it go without his lectures. He’s so fond of doing that in every place that we went to. He could be one great tour guide, you know.



That windmill experience was just a part of my memorable trip to Europe, which I will always treasure. Despite the long trip that I thought would be better if traveled with fender passport 150 at musicians friend, it was indeed a good travel experience with people you’ve been working with for years.

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