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WordPress Glitch?

I was shocked to see my sidebar empty yesterday afternoon! You’re seeing them up right now because I had put all the contents again right away after I saw it. I really wonder why they went missing when I didn’t do anything. Is it another WordPress glitch or something just went wrong? I wanna know…. *sigh*

I worried because one of the links installed in my sidebar was a sponsored paid link. I don’t wanna lose my earnings in anyway hahaha!

Anyway, I hope everything will be fine in the next few hours. I am also experiencing a very slow speed right now that I couldn’t upload any images. Aaaaargh!

I don’t understand why these things happen when I’m in the good mood to blog. Hmp!


  • amore

    hi mitch! i didn’t notice it last night. okay n ba sidebar mo now? I’m not accessing any account ysterday. let me know.. sorry to hear this. ;(

    Okay naman na kasi nilagay ko na sya ulit. Di ko alam kung bakit nagkaganun. 🙁


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